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I called Kim with an urgent request for help getting things boxed and sorted for the sale of my house.  She responded immediately and was on the job the next day!  I’d hired four different vendors via Angi’s List over the course of two weeks for a variety of jobs (landscaping, window washing, move-out cleaning) and all of them either canceled or showed up unprepared to do the job I’d hired them for so I was at the end of my rope by the time I found her.  Kim had contract documents sent over immediately and was in and out while I was at work.  The job was completed within the specified time and done as per our plan. 

I can’t recommend Kim highly enough.  She’s a treasure!

Val L, MN

I have known Kim for 23 years.  I have observed her raise her children, participate in leadership roles in schools, watched how she effectively blended working out of the home and caring for her family. It was important for her to do a good job. Kim is a good problem solver. She was always praised and valued as a great employee who also demonstrated compassion, honesty, kindness and a caring attitude.  She was well liked and respected by her coworkers.  As a neighbor, she is the first one to call and offer help when needed and volunteer help.  People say what do you want me to do, but Kim would generate ideas of what she could offer in a particular situation and follow through.  She is reliable! 


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